Home is what you make it??


This week is going to be a busy week! The children go back to school tomorrow which means I can finally get this house is order and organise! Seriously the kids rooms are jam packed with toys and clothes they got for Christmas. I need to throw out/donate the toys they no longer play with (as now they have new toys) and go through there clothes and get rid of the ones which are too small. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago since I did this (back in September). H has grown at least two inches, C hasn't really grown that much but my little girl, well she has really shot up! Thankfully she got quite a few clothing items for Christmas which fit perfectly and a couple of bits to grow into which means some of her 'old' clothes (I say "old", some of the T.shirts she has only worn once!!) can be donated to charity as most of them are in really good condition.

I also want to peel the wallpaper off in the front room because well, I hate it and it's seen better days thanks to the cat using it as a scratching post! (She doesn't actually use the scratch post though, grr) I've picked the wallpaper I want to put up, I received an A4 sample and fell in love with it so hopefully next week I'll be able to purchase two rolls of that (while it's on sale, too!) and then I can paint the rest of the walls to match, then I'll just need flooring... wooden flooring which I will have to save up for but hopefully by the time spring comes I'll have enough money to do the flooring, too! I am SO determined to get this house in shape this year. I am so sick of living somewhere that doesn't feel like home. *sigh* I've lived here just over a year, (actually 13 months to be precise) it still doesn't feel like "MY" home. So my mission this year is to make it home. Home is what you make it, right?

Well the kiddies are arguing over whos getting in the bath first.. Usually what happens is they all argue over who is going first, by the time I've ran the bath none of them want to get in, so I'll persuade one of them to get in the bath because it's good fun and everyone needs to be clean... then they won't want to get out LOL! Kids, eh?!
Right must dash..

Sarah xXx

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  1. Home is most definitely what you make it :) Be sure to check out eBay for flooring deals, I have picked up some great bargains on there. x


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