Snow day!


Yesterday it was snowing all day. Only lightly though. In all honesty I didn't expect to have so much! I suppose we had about 5-6cm maybe a little more. I wrapped the kids up warm ans we went and had some fun in the snow!

The kiddies didn't have school today because of the snow, which meant more playing in the snow! The kids have had a fun. I had fun, too. It was great fun having snowball fights and trying to build a snowman which was an epic fail, lol! Although, now I want the snow to go, I hate it when it turns all slushy and icy, it's no fun now lol!

This week is going to be another busy week! I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. Wednesday I need to pop into the range (and hope that canvas is still on sale for the boys room! I knew I should of brought it last week.) Thursday I need to give E's room a second coat of paint and undercoat the windowsill, skirting boards and door ready to be glossed! And then Friday I am going to blitz my house. It gonna need it by then! I need to try and find a cheap book case or something for my room. I don't buy paper books anymore as I have an E-reader but I need somewhere to put the books I DO own. I've filled one bookcase already. I would donate or sell them but I love my books, I can't bare to part with them. Is it just me that finds it hard to part with books? I mean, I find it hard to part with anything but even more so. My books. I love them.
 Speaking of books. I've read four already this year. The #50books2013 should be achievable if I carry on like this! I find I'm a fast reader when I read a book I like, I can't put it down! I love reading in the evenings when the kids are in bed.. I switch off the T.V and away I go! Thing is, I end up staying too late reading, lol.

I've entered so many competitions lately, I hope I win something lol.

Right, I need to wash the dishes (Oh what I would give for a dishwasher LOL)
Sarah xXx

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