New year, new look, new goals!


Wow, I just gave my blog a makeover, thanks to my friend Mama Owl for the banner etc and I finally have my own button. I can not thank Julie enough!! I still need to add a view things, links & sort the background out. One of my goals this year is to blog more, I also would love to do more reviews, I really enjoy writing reviews.

While we're on the subject of goals, with it being a new year here are my goals for this year:

  • Blog more. I love blogging, sometimes though, I get lazy and think that I have nothing to really "say", although there is always something I could blog about! 
  • I really want to redecorate the front room and sort the kids rooms out. I need to this in order to help me with my next goal (more on this in a moment). I know that money is always tight but I have so many cheaper ideas (thanks pinterest!) that it really IS doable. 
  • To be more organised - Yes. I am very unorganised  If I can get this house re decorated and some more storage space (mainly the kids rooms), then I know I *can* and *will* be more organised! 
  • To budget better. I did this for most of the year last year (up until around September, when I started the Christmas shopping) I did really well with budgeting, I really want to get back into the swing of things. 
  • To lose a little weight/tone up + Eat more healthy I was doing well with this too. I lost around 8lbs before Christmas... then the holiday season kicked in and I put the weight back on. Not saying I'm fat because I'm not... I am quite a small person, probably around 9ish stone but I look 4 months pregnant. (Too many chocolates and yummy deserts over the festive season) So perhaps just lose a few lbs and tone up! Cutting out the fizzy drinks again would really help! I'd feel much more confident in myself and i'd fit perfectly back into size 8 again! Which is about right for my frame and height. I'm going to get back into making all my own meals again. I slacked a little on this last year, I did have rather a lot going on though. Got a recipe you'd like to share with me? Let me know. =] 
  • Read more! I love to read, I really want to participate in the 50 books challenge. (book suggestions are welcome!) I will be writing a post on this and linking up sometime next week, I need to decide which books I'd like to read :) 
  • Be more positive. I am WAY more positive than I was this time last year! Sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me, I need to beat that! 
  • MOTIVATION - Stay motivated! 
  • Take more photos (Because I got a new Nikon camera for Christmas, omdz! I love it!)
So those are my goals for this year. I know they might seem a bit high and a bit much but I know I can achieve them all if I put my mind to it! It's just a case of staying motivated to be honest. I can do it though! Also hoping to see some improvement with my brain condition (Idiopathic intracranial hypertension). Although my headaches haven't been as bad the past month or so, sometimes I do end up having to lay down. Also have bad days with my eyes, where the light hurts my eyes or my vision goes a little blurred/out of focus. I'm going to keep a proper log of that this year, too.
I have a few ideas on day trips for the kids, low cost, too. I really need to start planning those. I live right by the seaside, 2 mins on a bus... We need to go to the beach more this summer. And swimming, family tickets are cheap on certain days! I also live right by the park where they have AstroTurf and basketball courts, the kids love those! And a nature trail track.. I really slacked last year but this year is going to be different.

What are your goals for 2013?
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Sarah xXx

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