'Is It Just Me' - Miranda Hart.


Is It Just Me? By Miranda Hart 
I am HUGE Miranda fan, I absolutely love her! She is so funny. Love her T.V series and any other program she is involved in, especially Call The Midwife where Miranda plays Chummy

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I read it within a day!  In her book 'Is it just me' she asks her readers if they've done embarrassing things like she has. She speaks of her 18 year old self & gives her readers some insight to some of the embarrassing things she has done. She asks 'Is it just me....' Oh, this book is just hilarious. Such fun. Miranda gives her reader chums an insight to some of the cringe worthy things she has done. I don't think she could given us 'reader chums' any more detail into some of the embarrassing things she has done in her life so far.  The way she writes and tells her stories is just so funny. It all comes to together really well!

I laughed out loud so much whilst reading 'Is It Just Me' This book will most certainly keep you in good spirits. If you are a Miranda fan (actually, even if you're not) I recommend you read this book.

I haven't gone into too much detail (although I totally could, I could also quote some of the book, but I won't because I don't want to spoil it for other people that haven't read this book, yet.)

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