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Childhood memories.. we all have them. Some good, some sad, some happy, some bad. 
I didn't have the best childhood but I'd prefer not to go into that, as most of you know I tend not to write too many personal posts in my public blog. However, I do want to share some my good memories from my childhood. I also linked this post up over at MummyVsDaddy

When I was a kid we didn't have the internet, iPads, mobiles phones, computers, MP3 players/iPods and whatever else kids own these days. I was more than happy with my gel pens and beads! We had pens, pencils, crayons, paper, STAMPS, snail mail and basic things. We made our own entertainment. We played outside, we went on bike rides with our friends, we played in the park, we'd play hide and seek or manhunt, we'd play football and invent other games. If we wanted to see our friends we would knock on the door or use the house phone to call them (if you were lucky enough to have a house phone! I was allowed five minutes per day, lol). A house phone with a chord where everyone could hear your conversation. Or we would simply write a letter if they lived far away. Oh how times have since changed. Don't get me wrong I DO love technology but is it just me that misses the days of receiving letters in the mail? No one writes letters anymore, everyone uses e-mail, texts and instant messaging. Which is a lot faster... but still, I do miss a good old fashioned, hand written letter.

I grew up living in the middle of nowhere - quite literally. The nearest shop was a mile away and so was the park. There wern't that many kids around, either. 
I spent most of my days in my tree house which was built in our weeping willow tree. My tree house was two stories high, a ground floor and then an upstairs. It was pretty cool. I really wish I had picture I could share but unfortunately, I don't have one. 
I use to play with my dolls up in that tree house and then later as I grew up, I'd take my portable radio and listen to music or CDs (yup, a real CD lol) or write letters to my friends and penpals up in my tree house.  My tree house was my "get away" place. Being the eldest of six kids (yup I have 5 siblings) the only place I could "escape" was my tree house. Gosh, I miss that tree house. 

I remember making "cubby houses" - Putting a sheet over two chairs/table or whatever we could find and making our own "hide outs" that was great fun! I do this with my kids sometimes and they love it! 
I have many other happy childhood memories but honestly, I could be here all day writing about them. 

I remember the first time I was a Bridesmaid which you can read about here.

Those were the best days of my life. 

Why not share your childhood memories and link up with my friend Sarah over at MummyVsDaddy. I would love to read your memories :) 

Sarah xXx

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