Sports day


Last week was sports day for my three kids. It was so sunny and so warm. I was so glad the weather was nice enough to enjoy a picnic after the infants sports had finished. It was lovely to have a picnic on the school field with Ellie and all her friends. 

The infants sports day was in the morning and the juniors sports day was in the afternoon. The infants were all split up into teams and each team moved around each activity when two minutes was up. It worked really well and I thought it was much better because there was no waiting around inbetween races. I know that Ellie would have gotten bored of waiting around, watching the other classes races. It was a much more organised way to do sports day in my opinion. Ellie came second in a couple of races and she was really good at the space hopper race. It was so cute watching all the little ones trying to race with a hoop on there head, bless 'em. After the races were all over, it turned out that Ellies team won! Yay! Everyone who took part (so all the infants) got a little medal each, aww. So proud of Ellie, I could really tell she was trying her best. Bless. We stayed for a picnic (which we packed ourselves) which went on until 1pm. Ellie and her friend gave me a tour of the school playground, the garden area and the woodland area, I'd never seen those areas before. I loved the woodland area. 

In the afternoon it was the juniors turn for sports day! Again, they were put into teams, which I think worked rather well. Harry and Charlie were both in the same team (thank goodness! Imagine me trying to watch two teams at once, that wouldn't have worked well at all). They both did so, so well! Harry is quite athletic and sporty, he was really quite fast on some of the races/activities. Charlie was fab at the long jump, he's so tiny compared to everyone else! He looks too little to be in juniors, lol! I was impressed and so, so proud of him, with the way he handled sports day, usually sports don't interest him for very long, not the case any more it seems! I think there team came second overall. Not bad. Not bad at all! 
Harry came second in the boys 600m running and was awarded a silver medal and got to stand on the podium, hehe. Another proud moment! Hehe.
I am SO proud of them all. :) 

Have your kids had sports day, yet? 

Sarah xXx 

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