Reasons to be cheerful (week 30) #R2BC


I know, I know, I am late posting this week but yesterday I had a really crappy day. I was diagnosed with an acid reflux. That's a post for another day though, honestly I don't want to go into right now. Plus Reasons to be cheerful is a cheerful post! So let's see what are my reasons to be cheerful this week...

1) Schools out for summer -- Yup, the kids broke up from school for six whole weeks. It's lovely having them home. Although so far we've not done much because I've not felt 100% but they have had fun riding there bikes outside and playing footy with there friends. 
2) I am feeling a little better today, thankfully. I am going to catch up on housework and washing. Ahh, the joys. Hopefully I'll be able to have a relaxing weekend. 
3) We are getting another kitten! Yay! He's from a rescue centre but he is only 3-4 weeks old and is being hand fed. The mummy cat was feral, she either abandoned her litter or she passed away. We've already named him Lenni. Hopefully once his big enough, he'll keep all the other tom cats away -- they drive me crazy trying to attack my female cat and spraying all up my dustbins outside. Don't get me wrong I LOVE cats but I don't love the smell they leave behind... Especially in this heat, lol. Hopefully everything with Lenni works out *crosses fingers* 

And another reason to be happy is of course because today is Friday! Woohoo. 
I've linked this post up with the lovely Mich over at Mummy from the heart, you can join in the blog hop below and share your reasons to be cheerful if you'd like :) 

Sarah xXx 

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