Computer problems.


I've borrowed a friends computer quickly to write this post.

Argh! The internet on my laptop doesn't work, which is odd because when I connect my phone or tablet to the router it works just fine! I'm going to get someone to format my laptop and start again...I hope that works. So if I'm MIA for a while you know why!

Anyway, today is the last day of term! Yay! Six whole weeks of not having to worry about school runs, lunches and school uniforms. Well, except buying new uniforms of course. The weather isn't too great this week but hopefully next week we can get out and do something. The beach perhaps? We shall see. I'm so looking forward to spending more time with the kiddos and not having to rush about. Will be lovely. Lets hope they don't get bored for at least half the holidays, lol.
Yay for summer!!

Hopefully I'll be able to write a proper post soon, when my laptop is fixed.
Are you all enjoying the summer so far?

Sarah xXx

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