Fresh Gourmet Salad Challenge


Fresh Gourmet is the worlds number one selling brand for salad toppings. The number one brand in USA has now launched in the U.K. Selling there lovely Fresh Gourmet Croutons in Tesco stores. Fresh Gourmet offers a very wide range of salad toppings. Fresh Gourmet toppings really do bring a different flavour to meals. 
Fresh Gourmet Croutons can be used for salads, soups and more! They are baked not fried! 
Croutons are made from breads and have an amazing flavour and crunch. "Add a burst of flavour to any meal" is what it says on the packet. And it truly steps up to what it says on the packet. I really love these, they truly do finish any salad off! 

 Fresh Gourmet set us challenge, which is encourages bloggers to get creative with the Fresh Gourmet salad toppings, here are some of my ideas so far.... 

Leafy spring salad 
1 sliced  tomato 
Lambs lettuce 
Baby leaf red lettuce or red cabbage 
1/4 cucumber 
Small spring onions
Water Cress
'Fresh Gourmet Croutons' 
(any of your choice, I choose Fresh Gourmet Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Croutons)

Chop the cucumber into chunks and slice the tomato into quarters 
Add a few leafs of lambs lettuce, baby leaf red lettuce (or red cabbage) and spinach into a bowl. 
Chop and dice the spring onions and add to the bowl.
Give it a good stir/toss. 
Add the tomato and cucumber.
Garnish with 'Fresh Gourmet Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Croutons' I added a good handful to my salad and added a little big of Heinz light salad cream.

Perfect for a light lunch :) 

Crunchy Salad with chicken: 

Iceberg lettuce 
Finely grated carrot 
Raw onion 
1/4 cucumber
A sprinkle of cress
Fresh Gourmet Basil Pesto Ciabatta Croutons 

Chop the tomato into slices or quarters and chop or slice the cucumber 
Finely chop the iceberg lettuce and grate the carrot. 
Peel and slice the onion (add as much or as little as you like, personally I like a lot), toss into a bowl and add the Basil Caiabatta Croutons to finish the salad off. 
(Optional: sprinkle on some cress.)
I also added chicken with mine. 

Bright Salad


Cooked Sweetcorn 
Lambs lettuce 
Red pepper 
Red onion
Fresh gourmet Cheese and Garlic Croutons

Chop the Radicchio and lambs lettuce. 
Grate the carrot and chop the tomato.. I cut mine into quarters.
Slice the red pepper. 
Peel and chop the red onion. 
Slice the cucumber
Add everything to a bowl including a small handful of sweetcorn. 
Toss into a bowl and add the Cheese and Garlic Croutons to finish it off. 

I had my salad with salad potatoes and a beef steak with a small blob of light salad cream on the side.

I can't wait to try the crispy onion ones this weekend when we have a BBQ... Mmmm. 


Sarah xXx

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