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On Saturday, it was my daughters school fete. It was a really lovely hot sunny day and I'd been saving up all our 10ps, 20ps and 50ps for a couple of months with the fete in mind (You know how fetes and sales never have any change? That's partly why we saved ours, that and it was something I didn't have to 'fork' out for). I think I had nearly £20 in change! LOL.
There was no entry fee which I thought was awesome. However, it was £5 for a wrist band that entitled kids to unlimited time on the bouncy castles/inflatable slides and what not, I thought it was well worth it. There were quite a few bouncy castles/slides etc there, Ellie spent a good two hours playing on those with her friends. If they'd have been charging 50p or £1 a go, it would've cost a lot more that a fiver. So well worth it in my opinion. We wont 3 prizes on the raffle (£1 for six tickets!!) a box of Malteasers, a bag of mixed sweets with a ribbon tided around it and a brand new necklace (fashion necklace) for Ellie with pretty beads on, she loved that! We also brought Ellie an Ice cream. The boys were at there dads, they went fishing (and apparently caught a few fish, they had fun but it wasn't the same without them with us at the fete. Next year I'm sure they'll be able to come) but we did buy them a something each and they got to share the sweets we won.
There was a guy at the fete doing an animal talk show, so cool! He had a big tarantula spider, some huge insects and millipede things (they freaked me out! I had to walk away. I'm such a wimp, lol) and snakes. Eek! I did like the tortoises. It was cool thing to have at a school fete, educational, too! And Ellie got her face painted and I got a slice of chocolate cake (It would've been rude not to, haha). All in all I think I spent about a tenner. We were there a good two and half hours! It was fun and Ellie enjoyed it. I think she liked the slide that she had to climb up and then slide down and go thru tunnel things. I must admit, it did look fun, lol! Wish I could've had a go, haha.

On Sunday, we went to the carboot sale, it was SO hot and very busy! I didn't look around half the stalls because it was so crowded and just too hot to wait around, lol. I did however pick up this cute little trinket box. It's perfect for keeping my earings in and not bad for £1!

(I like anything that sparkles and is pink! Hehe)

My next post will be about sports day, unfortunatly I have no pics of Ellie that I can share because it's the schools policy not to post them on the internet, only your own children. All the pics have other kids in. I did however, get one of Ellie on her own and one of the boys together. I shall be writing about that sometime this week :)

Sarah xXx

(P.S I feel like I always post more pics of Ellie than I do the boys, that's because they hate having there pictures taken, apparently it's for "babies". As Harry would say "Ahuh, whatevz" lol. Kids these days with there lingo, eh?! Lol.)

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