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Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I'm joining in again this week with the lovely reasons to be cheerful blog hop which is hosted by Mich over at Mummy From The heart. Do pop over and say hi! 

Phew! So glad it's almost Friday. Ha, I seem to live for Fridays lately, not that I do anything exciting, it's just nice to be able to chill and spend some time with the kiddies at the weekend! And sometimes have a Friday movie night with the kiddos, it's lovely. 
Soooo what makes me smile this week? Let's see... 

1) Last Saturday was the school summer fete, it was really good fun! Cost hardly anything at all and the weather was so warm and sunny! We had a wonderful time. The highlight for me was listening to the animal show (there was a guy there with snakes, spiders, tortoises and other random animals. He was teaching us all about the animals), I learned some really interesting facts. Although, when he was holding the tarantular I had to walk away because it seriously gave me the creeps. Ha, I am such a wimp. Ellie loved the face painting and bouncey castles/slides. It was fab. 
2) The weather has been wonderful (except yesterday and today but eh, can't complain too much). It's been really hot and sunny! I have a tan from just walking around. Two people have asked me where I went on holiday and I reply with "I haven't been on holiday...." (Ha! I wish!) I really have gone quite brown. Lovely :) 
3) Charlie had a school trip to the beach the other day, he had a lovely time and learned all about sea rescue and had lunch in the beach cafe, awww. Ellie has a school trip coming up, too! It'll be her first. I am so excited for her. Bless. 
4) The end of the school year is coming up and I can not wait! No more rushing around. I'm hoping to be able to take the kids to a few places. The beach and for picnics, crabbing and having lots of fun outside! Yay. Roll on the end of term. Woohoo. 

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not join in the blog hop below and share your reasons to smile with the blogging world. :) 

Sarah xXx

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  1. I am going with my youngest for his 1st school trip, also to the beach! Nervously excited at the moment x

  2. I hate spiders, I would've ran a mile they freak me out so much! I love how all your R2BC are kiddie focused. Such joys they bring to you x

  3. love the idea of movie night - we occasionally do that too. Your plans for the summer sound great. x


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