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Little Prisoners by Casey Watson.

"Little Prisoners is a harrowing, yet moving memoir about two innocent and frightened 'unfosterable' children who do not know what it means to be loved.

The shock that strikes Casey and her family when Ashton and Olivia arrive is immeasurable. Two frightened little waifs stand before them, hair running wild with head lice, filthy nails and skin covered in scabs. Ashton, aged nine, and Olivia, aged six, are the eldest of five siblings, taken away from their family because they were considered at risk.

Originally a temporary, emergency placement, the weeks turn into months. And gradually the children start to feel like they truly belong to a family and to reveal the horror of what happened to them" 

 Casey Watson and her husband are foster parents. They foster these two children who are desperate for a n emergency home and Casey and her husband are the only available foster parents at the time.  The children were feral, riddled with lice and not in a good state when they first go to Casey and her husband. These two children have really been thru a lot and all kinds of abuse.  This book was so, so, sad. To think someone can treat there children the way those children were treated! Well, to be honest, I can't think about it. The story of these children is absolutely shocking and harrowing. The kids are ok in the end though, I am glad I read it. Beautiful written IMO. (I might add, I would love to hear how the children are getting on now)

This book is a real eye opener and I am not gonna lie, it was so hard to read because the story is so harrowing. I have so much respect for Casey and her husband, honestly the world needs more people like them. 
I haven't read any of Casey's other books (yet) but I plan on reading them very soon! 

Argh, gutted I only read this one book in June! It';s just so hectic towards the end of term, I have no time for anything! And with the kids being ill and other things going on, I've had zero time! I can't believe we are half way thru 2013 already, time flies :-p 

Sarah xXx 

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