Radical Reward Charts Review.


Amanda from Radical Reward Charts sent Harry (aged 9), Charlie (aged 8) & Ellie (aged 5) each a reward chart to review. 

Ellie chose the 'Wacky Wildlife' one

Harry chose the 'Gruesome Graveyard' 
And Charlie chose the 'Creepy Crawlies' chart. 

 The radical reward charts are not like any other reward charts. There are six designs to choose from just £14 each including delivery. They are reusable so you can use them over and over again. These charts are unique. They are fantastic, bright and really grab the kids attention. They are lovely and natural to look at. I love that the kids see them selves actually moving up the chart with there own personlised character counter (In our case a photograph of themselves). However, you can choose the carrot counter instead, if you prefer. The charts come with some basic instructions. 

The charts have a twenty steps goal. For my daughter who is five years old, I found that just using ten step method is more appropriate for her age. So once she gets her goal (step 10), she gets her reward, which I find gives her more incentive. 

To get the kids really into this reward chart system, I rewarded (for good behaviour!) them quite quickly the first time, so they got the idea of being rewarded which would keep them motivated and give them more incentive. Rewarding them for good behaviour and small, simple things like - remembering to close the door behind them, sharing and little things like that really helps to keep them motivated, too.
 The reward doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive, just letting them choose a DVD, or a small treat is just as effective as something more expensive. (My kids chose popcorn to watch with the movie they picked). I also like the idea of pinning money/gift card to the top of the charts. Or perhaps a small bag of sweets. 

I really do love these charts, they keep the kids motivated so well. They really do work wonders. I personally prefer these charts to other charts we have used in the past. It's been well over a week and half since we started using them and the kids are really into them. 

I chose for our charts to be sent in an envelope (free postage) which means the charts were folded which didn't have any effect on how the charts are used. However, you can have  your charts sent in a tube for an extra £4. 

Please pop over to Radical Reward Charts for more info. You can also follow Radical Reward Charts on Twitter. Radical reward charts also has a lovely blog, I highly recommend checking out Radical Reward Charts for the perfect charts for your kiddies.

Thank you Amanda for sending us these lovely charts.

Sarah xXx   

I received the reward charts for the purpose of the review. I didn't receive any payment except to keep the charts. 

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