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Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Gosh hasn't it been warm?! We are level 2 heatwave where I live! It truly has been so hot. I open my back door first thing in the morning and the heat just hits... It's lovely but not so great at night time when I'm trying to sleep, lol. Anyhow, here are my reasons to be cheerful this week: 

1) End of the school year -- It's almost the end of term, my kiddies break up Tuesday, woohoo. I am SO looking forward to the summer holidays, days out with the kids, beach, picnics, parks and lazy days here we come!! Harry had his end of term tea party *mad hatter* theme. He had a wonderful time! Charlies end of school party is tomorrow, he's got cakes and fizzy pop to take into school & it's Ellies school disco. Yay! 
2) This weekend we're hopefully going over to my grandparents. They live in a country park in like a chalet/cabin. There's not many people that live there! Mainly old people. There's a swimming pool and a lovely play area for kiddies, it'll be lovely! Can't wait to get in the swimming pool. I haven't seen my grandparents for a while so it'll be great to see and spend time with them. :-) 
3) I have a few T.V shows to catch up with tonight, I haven't watched T.V for a week or so, I am looking forward to watching those in bed with the fan on, lol. I know, such a simple thing to be happy about but relaxing time is rare... so it'll be nice! 

Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo. 
Please pop over to Mich's blog over at Mummyfromtheheart and share your reasons to be cheerful :-) 

Sarah xXx 

(While writing this I saw the Vauxhall advert and it says "reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3, in like a rap song, has anyone seen it? Ooo I found it on youtube, I love the bit at the beginning that says "reasons to be cheerful..." : 

Not that I can drive or anything, it just reminded me of the lovely "Reasons to be cheerful" linky :o) Hehe.

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