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So the first week of the summer holidays is almost over (although, my 3 littles didn't break up until this past Tuesday). We really haven't done THAT much yet because I've not felt too great and it has been just TOO hot. We have been enjoying plenty of walks and visits to the park after school though last week. Next week we do have plans. But anyway. Here's what we've been enjoying outside lately. I thought I'd just write one big post about everything we've been up to and make a collage with the pictures. Much simpler and easier for =)

We have been on a lovely nature walk where I discovered some awesome kind of moth/butterfly. No idea what it's called but i's ever so pretty. 

(not bad for a phone pic which I took myself!) 

Ellie found some rather large daisies which she loved! We found random nature ponds, spotted seaguls and other birds and of course enjoyed the lovely walk thru the long grass. We've actually been a couple of times to this place, it's beautiful! 

I also took Ellie to my grandparents who live in a country park (like a big cabin), family can use the swimming pool there, Ellie enjoyed that! And we went to the pirate ship park, just me and Ellie while the boys were fishing with there dad (the boys see there dad every weekend, he lives right by a lake so they get to go fishing, which they love!)
Miss Ellie at the priate ship park - such fun! 

Charlie and Harry went they went fishing.
Apparently they caught lots of small fish.

And I had to share the picture of Charlie on his birthday opening his tablet! He was SO happy! He loves that thing so much. He reads e-books on it, plays maths games and learns spellings. Not only is he learning but he's ENJOYING learning. He likes to sit in his tent with it and take photos of random things like slow worms and cats lol.

We've been to the park a couple of times, too. There's a new "train" at the park which the kids really love. They love the yellow tunnel they can climb thru! We also see lots of there friends at the park and the boys can't resist a good old game of footy! 
We found a lovely meadow with a big weeping willow tree, Charlie thought it make a cool den and Harry just liked the shade it gave us, lol. 

How have you been enjoying the weather and the lovely outdoors recently? Why not link up with country kids by clicking the button below :-) 

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Sarah xXx 

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  1. what is that insect in the photo you took- I have never seen anything like it?


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