Schools *almost* out for Summer.


I apologise for lack of updating my blog this week. The end of the school year is coming up and things are MANIC. Well and truly busy! School discos, parties, appointments with teachers, baking cakes for school competitions (Alice in wonderland themed! I am NOT a baker, I suck at baking cakes lol. Different coloured cupcakes with flowers and maybe 'Alice in wonderland' or 'Mad Hatter' wrote on with icing pens, is ok though, yes?? Seriously I am lacking time, lol!), the usual chores, grocery shopping, laundry (Is it just me that seems to be constantly washing, hanging and folding clothes?!) the list is endless and I can't even think straight. I am SO tired. 

Roll on the end of half term. 

On a better note, the kids are so, so looking forward to there discos and end of term parties. Not to mention games day. They can't decide which board games they want to take in! They're also allowed to take in there favourite DVD. Ellie is so looking forward to her school disco. She gets to join the year ones in there disco session! So grown up. Both boys are pleased with the teachers that'll be teaching them in September. Yet to find out who'll be teaching Ellie though. 

there school reports are wonderful! I am SO proud of them all. They all have excellent reports (and attendance). I'm really excited for them. The last week at school is always fun and I know they're gonna have blast.

I can not believe how fast this last year has gone. This time last year Ellie was getting ready to go up to primary school and Charlie getting ready to join the junior school, Harry was looking forward to being in year four. It's mad that I'm going to be a mum of a year 1, year 4 and year 5 children. HOW did that even happen?! Lol. Time flies when your having fun... or rather just being a mum. 

Roll on the end of term. I am looking forward to chillaxing days with the kiddos in the sunshine :D 

Sarah xXx

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