What have the littles been up to?


Welcome to the mummy madness is hosting this lovely blop hop about what the kids have been up to. I really love this idea for a linky and thought I would join in. If you'd like to join in pop over to welcome to the mummy madness blog and join in :-)
So lets see...
We'll start with Charlie. Last Sunday was Charlies 8th Birthday (I still can't over the fact that Charlie is now eight years old). He had a fab day. Filled with fun and presents! He came home from his dads in the afternoon and had a lovely roast dinner (his fave) followed by opening presents. His favourite present was his tablet. Second favourite was his pop up army tent. You can see the picture to the left, his face was a picture when he opened his tablet, he wasn't expecting it at all! LOL.
He enjoyed a lovely big chocolate cake with his borther sister and friends. Followed by Jelly and Ice cream. Sugar rush much?! But that's ok, it's what birthdays for, right?!
 Ellie has been busy with the end of term activities. Last week she had her first school trip to the beach. She had a wonderful time and was full of excitment telling me all about it, hehe. She's excited to be going up to year one in September. I think she has her induction to year one tomorrow or next Friday, I can't quite remember which. With so much going on it's hard to remember! We went for a lovely walk last weekend and found some wild daisies. Big daisies. Ellie loves flowers. Hehe. Ellie's picture should be to the right of this paragraph.

Harry's really been enjoying the sunshine. He's been playing lots of football with his friends and we've been to the park a few times. Harry is a very sporty, outdoorsy kid. He loves being outside. He's very excited about the end of term and being able to spend more time at home with me and more time playing football! Hehe. I can't get over how tall he is getting! Honestly, he'll be over taking me before I know it.  He doesn't like me taking his photo (to the left of this paragraph). So please forgive the poor quality, I had to zoom right in, lol.

Sarah xXx

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