Animal Skins Rubbing Plates & party bag fillers {Review}


We were sent some lovely 'Animal Skin Rubbing Plates' to review from Baker Ross. we were also sent a box of 24 crayola crayons along with the plates.

Animal Skins Rubbing Plates

The rubbing plates come in a pack of four and are double sided (A different design on each side) which means there are 8 assorted designs including, Leopard, Cow, Zebrea, Tiger, Giraffe, Feathers, Fish Scales and Alligator. They come in red, yellow, green and blue. They're brightly coloured!
Animal Skins Rubbing Plates
Animal Skins Rubbing Plates

Each rubbing plate is made of hard plastic and is quite thick! They're very good quality and will last a very long time! Each rubbing plate is 15x15cm.

The crayons are really good quality too and nicely brightly coloured. They worked perfectly for this little art activity!

crayola crayons review

They're very simple to use, you simply place a peice of paper over the plate and rubb gently with a crayon, the pattern soon appears through the paper! Ellie loved doing this and she was all "I love this, it's so much fun, I think I like the Tiger design best" She told me.

Animal Skins Rubbing Plates and crayons

embossing with crayons

This is a really lovely couluring and drawing activity for children. These would also be a great activity at a child's Birthday party or even make a lovely gift!
They come in a pack of four and are priced at just £3.99 per pack.
Overall I think this is a lovely easy art activity for children, Ellie enjoys making animal print pictures, they keep her busy for a good amount of time.

bubble party bag fillers from baker ross

Baker Ross also sell a wide range of kids toys and party bag fillers or even stocking stuffers if you like. We were sent a pack of 8 miniature bubbles. They're perfect for filling party bags! The touchable bubble wands are priced £2.40 for a packet of 8. They look super cute I must say! They're perfect for tiny hands.
party bag fillers and stocking stuffer from baker ross

We were also sent some pull back racing snails, which you simply pull bag and watch them race! Priced at £2.25 for a pack of four, they are well and truly worth the money and so much fun!

Baker Ross sell a wide range of arts and craft kits as well as toys for children. They're all very reasonably priced and in my experience, really good quality, too!

What's your childs or your favourite arts & crafts activity?

We were sent samples of these products for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own, honest, personal opinions, I was not paid for this post.

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  1. I used to love things like this as a child and I'm sure my niece and nephew will love them as well - thanks for sharing x

  2. Oh what fun! I'm such a huge fan of Baker Ross - used to use their products all the time when I was a teacher.

  3. These look so lovely, especially for children's parties! I always loved things like this when I was younger so it brings back lovely memories xx

  4. These look like a fab gift for little ones where they can have fun exploring art and texture. x

  5. they look brilliant hun especially the rubbings, will have to invest in some of them

  6. These look like so much fun, I know I'd have loved something like this as a child!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  7. SO cost effective. I love the animal skin plates. My youngest would love them. Great review.

  8. Love the idea of the animal skin rubbing plates! We tried a bit of rubbing in the past but the things we used weren't textured enough. These look fab for little ones to get the hang of it.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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