What's in my bag?


I really like seeing what's in peoples bags, I know, I'm probably a little bit nosy (but in a good way!) so I thought I would share what I have in my bag. I recently swapped my bags over, which means it's actually not full of shopkins, Lego and other random kids belongings. For some reason they seem to think my bag is walking toy box, haha. Good luck fitting toys in this bag, it's not big enough, which is a good thing. The kids will have to carry them themselves (Horah!)

River Island blue suede bag

 I got this bag for my Birthday back in March. It's my favourite Birthday gift and I really DID need a new bag. The bag is from River Island (I love River Island bags! Seriously, this is one of the best gifts I've ever received! My fella knows me well!)  I've just started using it because it's perfect for Spring. Firstly I really love the colour. It's a navy blue but not too dark! It's light and comfortable to carry on my shoulder and has soft swede texture. It's not -what I call- a big bag but it's perfect for what I need it for. It has a long shoulder strap and a shorter handle too, which is perfect for me. Both straps are quite slim and very comfortable on my shoulder. I also love the little gold chain and the gold hoops which hold the straps on the bag. I also love the inside of the bag, too. It fastens with a press stud button/clasp, which is also gold.

River island blue and gold suede bag

River island blue and gold suede bag

Enough about the bag now, I think you can all tell that I love it a lot!What's inside my bag? Lets have a look.

What's in my bag?

River Island purse, book, travel sized wipes and hand gel are in my bag

I bought these prodcuts with my own money or received them as a gift from friends/family)

  • I have my purse which is also from River Island that I got as a Christmas gift.
  • The current book I'm reading - The Childs Secret by Amanda Brooke.
  • My phone (because I can't live without that!) I wrote about some of my favourite apps.
  • A note book and a pen with me because I am so forgetful. I also jot down my lists & blogging ideas when I'm on the bus. The floral notepad was a gift, I don't know where it was from, I wish I did as I love stationary (may have a slight obsession).
  • Soap & Glory antibacterial hand gel
  • Simple cleansing wipes
  • Nivea deodorant. 
  • -Keys are not pictured but they're usually in my bag-

The hand gel, hand wipes and deodorant are travel sized and I believe they were 3 for 2 in boots. I love the travel sized products because they fit perfectly into my bag and much lighter to carry around! They're also much cheaper.

So that's what's in my bag at the moment. 

What's in your bag?

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  1. That bag is gorgeous!
    Your bag is so organised....I have a bag full of receipts and kids toys. lol

  2. I love your bag it is so cute! I think I need to get some of Soap and Glory's antibac hand gel, I'm not sure I knew they did that!

  3. Oh bag heaven lol!
    Your bag is so tidy, I often have loads of receipts like Kim, My phone (take it everywhere) hand gel and a lippy, and whatever my boy sneaks in too! It's like a bottomless pit :)
    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC x

  4. fabulous bag and i loved reading what was in it! Thanks for sharing. Mine never looks so tidy lol! Angela from daysinbed

  5. I love the bag! I have a bit of a bag obsession, I am always on the look out for new ones. My bags are just full of stuff for the kids!!! x

  6. What a lovely (and well organised!) bag! I love the design of that bag, I just don't have any option to keep it tidy! H x

  7. I too love River Island handbags and have a few. Your bag looks so tidy mine is a mess full of children bits and bobs xx

  8. River Island can do no wrong, their bags are always on point! The Child's secret looks like a good read!

  9. I really need a new bag! Yours is much tidier than mine, but I do always have things like travel hand sanitiser and travel deodorant too!

  10. That is the cleanest most organized bag ever! Mine's a disaster, a bit like Mary Poppins' bag. I'm sure there's a kitchen sink at the bottom of it somewhere....

  11. An endless supply of old Tesco receipts, lipbalm, and my purse I think! Great bag! :)

  12. I love posts like this as I'm so nosey! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  13. I love the River Island bags too, I buy at least one a year, your contents look so tidy, My bag is in desperate need of a clear out, I can't find anything at the moment apart from one of 5 mini bottles of hand sanitiser, I think they're breeding in there :)


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