356 project {week 2}


What a week it's been.
My poor little cat was put to sleep yesterday. :( So sad and heartbreaking. I don't feel much like blogging but perhaps it'll take my mind off it? So here's my 365 project post.
One photo every single day for a whole year.

  • 5th JAnauary - Ellie dressed up in her  (one of many) princess dresses. 
  • 6th January - We managed to get out for a walk! Blue skies and the sun was shining. Charlie was happy to post for a pic, hehe.
  • 7th January - Back to school!
  • 8th January - It was a gloomy winters day.
  • 9th January - my beautiful cat Lotti. 
  • 10th January - My beautiful kitten Lenni was put to sleep. We are heartbroken (understatement!) He's on my calender in November 2014. Aww. 
  • 11th January - Thought I'd share a pic of my adoptied lion pack. It was a gift for me, for Christmas Lovely gift.
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  1. Sorry to hear about your cat.
    Great summary of the week xx

  2. so sorry about your kitten lovely (hugs) thats really sad
    your daughter looks very pretty in her princess dress x

  3. Sorry about your kitten x Hope this week is easier x

  4. ooohhh dear how sad about the kitten, its a hard enough decision to make when they have had a long life but for a baby must be awful.
    The lion adoption pack looks a great present.


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