January #50books2014 round up.


Phew! It's finally the end of January, is it just me or has January gone really slow?! It's just a depressing month, after the holidays and what not. It's also been a bit hectic for most (don't ask me how I've managed to get in as much reading as I have because I do not know. Actually, I do. I stay up until the early hours of the morning reading and then I'm tired all the next day, but ha! It's totally worth it. I will get to my 50 books goal this year.)
Hopefully February will be much more cheerful and less chaotic (ha! Who am I kidding?! lol)  

I've read NINE books this month already, a couple were only quick reads/short stories though. Still, I think I've done rather well! You can read my book reviews for January here.
Thank you to everyone who tweeted me your January book reviews. I'm @OoserzoO on twitter for those who aren't sure. You can also join in using the hash tag #50books2014

Jo over at Ojo's world has been reading Gone Girl this month! Soph, over at ignoring life one book at a time has been reading about the London underground, a book called 'Overground Underground'. Tracy aka Tantrutms & Glitter has read four books this month, including the (very famous) 'Hunger Games' and 'What Stays In Vegas'. Shay over at Shay's Bookshelf has read 'The Husbands Secret' this month & also 'A Zoo In My Luggage' along with a few others!

You've all done wonderfully, I love reading all your book reviews and hearing about what you're reading via twitter. 

Please remember you can tweet me your posts or email me your book reviews :)

If I've missed you out of the round up, please add your link to the linky below.

Happy reading folks, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Wow, 9 books. I'm lagging really slowly on 4. It's been a real slog, but I need to book in (ha ha) time specifically to read!

  2. I'm still on book 1! :-(
    I shall get to it x


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