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This week's #TheGallery theme in 'New' and it just so happens that this week I need to start using my new owl notepad that the kids brought me for Christmas, yay! I love new notepads... or any stationary to be honest. It's full of new blank pages, lots of pages to write down my blogging ideas and things that I need to remember. I carry this in my bag with me, that way when I remember something or have a blogging idea, I can quickly write it down so I don't forget.


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  1. I love stationery too. The smell of a new pencil case just sends me right back to school!

  2. What a lovely notepad. very cute!

  3. I love new stationary - I went a bit mad in paperchase a few weeks back!

  4. This is lovely :) Grace has a friend who adores Owls and would love this. Thank you for linking up to PoCoLo x


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