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 12th January - We walked to Tescos, the sky was SO blue and it wasn't all that cold! I couldn't resist taking a photo of this tree. The same tree I took a photo of back in the Autumn, you can see that pic here.

13th January - Ellie in her hat/scarlf thingy that my little sister gave to her. Ellie was trying to scare me, lol! Haha.

14th January - We reviewed bakerdays cake, yum! The littles really enjoyed it!

15th Janauary. Full moon! I know I've shared two pictures but I kind of like them both, hehe.

16th Janaury - My beautiful cat, Lotti. She's grieving for Lenni (our kitten we had to have put to sleep because his liver was failing. So incredibly sad) . She seems SO sad all the time. And cuddly, she has never really been a cuddly cat. She isn't her usual feisty self! :( I'm glad she's still eating and drinking though.

17th Jnauary - Charlie had football after school! He got rather... muddy! Lol. Bless him.

18th January - A bit random. A photo of Ellie in the snow last winter, in Ellie's photo frame. Aww.

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  1. Looks like a busy week, hope Lotti cheers up soon, we currently have one of our chickens that has lost her best friend and she follows me around the garden looking very sad.
    Love the hat/scarf thingy too!

  2. Ooh the Baker Days cakes are so tasty aren't they?

    Poor Lotti :( So sorry to hear about your kitten.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  3. So sorry to hear about your cat, I have 3 and there like and extension of my children, I know they would be so sad without each other #TWTWC

  4. Visiting via "LetsBeFriends" link up. I love your snowflake background and cute header pic.


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