I'll try to write this without bursting into tears and I'll also try to make it, make sense. I'm not in a great frame of mind right now.
Yesterday our precious little kitten was put to sleep.
His liver wasn't working as it should. And he had a lot of fluid and toxins in his body. He kept hiding under my bed and not wanting to come out. He'd refused food and drink for two days. Yet his belly was getting fatter and fatter (too much fluid) and he looked so, so miserable. He kept looking at me with his big bright eyes, pleading with me to help him. I did everything I could possibly do. I knew it was time. Time to say good bye to my little baby kitten.I was stroking him under his chin as he passed. He was purring. It was incredibly sad.
I took him to the vets, my best friend came with me. Lenni was put to sleep, I stroked him under his chin until he passed away. I was inconsolable all day. When the kids came home from school I explained to them that Lenni was in heaven in chasing butterflies and dancing amongst the clouds. You can imagine how upset they were! Ellie didn't understand and she keeps asking when Lenni will be coming back. It's hard. So hard. Ellie and Lenni were inseparable. We miss him, so, so much!
He had a good life here with us. He had all the attention in the world. He was spoiled rotted. I use to cook him chicken breast and fish, treats and all the cuddles in the world. 

R.I.P Beautiful boy, we love you so much and we miss you so much! We will never, ever forget you. xxxxxxxxx

Lenni & Ellie. They were best friends.

HE loved bags and boxes.

Beautiful boy

We miss you Lenni xxxx

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  1. Oh so sad for you. Hew was a beauty, I hope the memories and lovely pictures help you. xx

  2. I don't even like cats but he is TRULY GORGEOUS. Big hugs xxx

  3. It's so sad when you lose a pet, my cat died early last year and because she used to follow me around the house it was such a loss when she went! Sending hugs xx

  4. I am so sorry for your loss - it really is like losing a member of the family. Another precious soul over the rainbow bridge xxx

  5. This brought tears to my eyes Hun, I am so sorry x


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