My bargain of the week!


I got Ellie two tops.. they were £4 each or two for £6. From Tesco. 
So I got two. Bargain!
She choose them herself, I knew she'd pick the cat one, lol. 
The boys certainly do not need clothes, they have too many as it is lol. 
It's there turn next time, I generally only buy things when they need them. 

Have you had any bargains recently? 

Sarah xXx

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  1. They are a bargain! We haven't been shopping lately - in the lull between Christmas and sales and getting ready for spring!

  2. Bargains, I had to buy my son a coat as he ripped his but I couldn't find any bargains left in coats and had to pay full price :( lol thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop :)


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