Love the little things {week 2}



I've finished reading the The Stark Series. I really liked them! If you liked fifty shades of grey, I think you'll like 'The Stark Series' too! I reviewed them in my January book reviews post. I finished those last week but haven't really felt like reading much (or doing anything if I'm honest) the past few days as I had out little kitty put to sleep. So sad. I'll feel up to reading again soon, I'm sure.


I've been catching up with 'The Vampire Diaries' I'm still waaaay behind but I am really enjoying it! I've missed it to be honest. Although, not sure I like Elena as a vampire. Someone tell me she doesn't stay a vampire?! Lol.
I also watched that Autopsy program which is on weekly, last week was all about Michael Jackon and how he died. So sad but interesting.


Oh don't even ask! Nothing fits me any more!! Ugh. Everything is either too big or too small. It totally sucks. I am trying to lose weight, then perhaps my clothes will fit me again. It would be nice to be able to wear my jeans again, I have two pairs that I've only wore once, I can't wait to fit into those again. They DO fit but they're tight and uncomfortable.


The little's went back to school this week, so Ive been enjoying the peace, haha.


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  1. That inbetween stage of weightloss is so annoying isn't it? On the plus side you are getting somewhere unlike me who nearly had a heart attack after viewing the numbers on my scales this morning!
    Thanks for linking up. Have a good week! xx

  2. I feel the same clothes wise! Urgh. Hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet! X


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