365 project {week 1}


I'm taking part in the 365 Photo A Day project this year.
I'll be taking at least one photo every single day for a whole year - wish me luck, lol.

  1. The first pic is a photo of my kitten Lenni. He is still not very well. :( 
  2. Second is my eldest son, Harry. He's growing up so fast!! 
  3. Third is my cat Lotti, she's a tortoise shell cat with an attitude. 
  4. IS my daughter, Ellie with our kitten, Lenni. He looks a bit better in that pic! 

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

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  1. awww cute cats and cute children and what a smashing smile your Harry has x x

  2. aaahhh poor Lenni, feel better soon..meow meow....A great start, look forward to seeing more, and love your tag line


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