A cat that grieves...


Ugh, I have had this horrendeous headache ALL day! I slept for four hours while the kids were at school & I slept solid which isn't like me! I'm lucky if I sleep an hour solid. I thought perhaps laying flat would help, but apparently not! I hope the pressure in my brain isn't building up again, I could do without another lumbar puncture. Finally, the headache subsided around tea time tonight! I feel a bit better now (10pm), thank goodness. Hope it stays that way.

Ellie went to her best friends after school to play & for dinner. Her best friend's mum, is my best friend. We've been friends since I was a little girl! And we both have daughters who are around the same age, aww. Nice how that worked out :) Anyway, Ellie came home and ended up puking everywhere, it seems she has the tummy bug that's going about. She was fine after school...I feel terribly bad for Ellie, I wish there was something I could do for her. Hopefully a good sleep will help and she'll feel a bit better in the morning. She won't be going to school though, have to leave it 24 hours after vomitting - school policy. Plus, I want to keep her home with me so that I can keep an eye on her. I hope she feels better soon.

The boys are both doing great! Charlie has joined up for football club, after school on a Friday. Harry also wants to attend foot club again after school, so we'll look into that tomorrow. I'm really pleased with there reading, they're going so well. Both have gone up a shelf in reading (as has Ellie!) so I am very proud of them both.

We've been busy doing arts & crafts and practicing hand writing. Ellie enjoys writing short stories. I wish I could get my scanner to work so that I could scan some of her work in and share it! That scanner has serious issues, lol.

My cat, 'Lotti' has been so miserable since Lenni (our kitten) had to be put to sleep. I think she really misses him! They did become very close. I personally think she's grieving. A cat that grieves, I would never have thought it. She's just not her usual feisty self. She's eating and drinking plenty and had lots of treats. She isn't usually a cuddly cat but just lately, she's been ever so cuddly and affectionate. I think she senses that I'm sad. She seems down and just.. Idk not herself. I don't think the cold weather helps. She only goes outside for a few mins then comes back in, she's always hated the cold weather. I hope she goes back to being herself soon.

Right well, I think I'm gonna put the kids school shirts in the drier and head to bed and read for a bit. I'm on my ninth book already this month!!! That's the most I've ever read in a month, not bad at all, even if I do say so myself! I love reading on my kindle, hehe. 

Our cat Lotti. 20 months old!

Sarah xXx

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  1. Hope today is a great day for you (and lotti)


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