Valentines heart mice made from card {Kids arts & Crafts}


The weather is so cold, it's too cold to go out and way to wet! So we decided to make some Valentines mice using card and glitter! We have so much card left over from other projects as well as glitter, this is such a good way to use those up!

For this you'll need:

A sheet of red card (per mouse) or colour of your choice.
A sheet of white card (We used the back of an old Christmas card)
Glitter pens or glitter
A pair of scissors
PVA glue
A black felt pen

First of all we folded the coloured card in half and drew half a heart on the fold. And then cut it out.
We used the remaining card to cut a tail shape.

We then folded our heart back so we had half a heart again and put a dab of PVA glue on the end of the tail. We then placed the tail between the rounded end of the heart and glued it down!

Now for the whiskers we cut out some very small, tiny, short strips of white card. Three for each side, so six in total!
Whiskers - sorry about the quality of the pic!

We glued those on the opposite side of the card, just near the nose. 

"We need to draw an eye now mummy, so our mouse can see all around" Said Ellie, so we drew on an eye using our black felt pen.
And coloured in the tip of the mousey's nose (The pointy end of the card)

Next we need to make the ear. We folded out white card in half again and cut out a small white heart (not too big!) Then we stuck it on just above the eye.

Inside the ear, we drew a smaller heart shape and used the glitter pens to colour it in! Ellie choose a dark pink for her 'Mouseys' ear. Charlie choose a different coloured card for his ear and used a smaller white heart for the inside of his mouses ear! Such good fun, hehe.

For the finishing touches Ellie wanted to add some more glitter.. We love glitter, hehe.

So simple and easy to make and the kids loved making them, too! Ellie wants to make a whole "Mice family" now, so maybe we'll make some baby mice another day! What fun.

Have you done any arts & crafts recently?

Sarah xXx

(I can't remember where I got this idea from, I saw it somewhere on the internet ages and ages ago!) 

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  1. This is a really good idea, I'm looking for some simple ideas for valentines crafts! #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Aw, these are lovely, really good idea .
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. These are so sweet :) thanks for sharing ...

  4. Grace says - What an original idea. I have never heard of Valentine mice but you guys have done such a great job with these - loving them. Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  5. Wow I am so thrilled to have found this blog and especially how to make these cute mice, I am fortunate to have heart dies so I can make mice small and big. I make all kinds of little animals/critters and use them on cards that I make for children. Thank you very much for sharing, (I love your blog) from Jeannette Land, ( South Africa)


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