Reasons to be cheerful {week 4} #R2BC


1) Ellie was poorly last night but she seems better now, thank goodness. I just hope the boys don't catch it! And I don't want it either, I am so glad Ellie is better though! Hate it when the kids are poorly, I feel so helpless.

2) I got new boots in the sale on Tuesday! Yay! They were £20 marked down to £7! Bargain!! And they're nice too. I rarely buy myself anything because I always feel guilty about spending money on myself. Usually all my spare money goes towards what ever the kids need/want. But they don't need anything at the moment.. so yay for bargain boots!

3) I'm glad the weekend is nearly upon us, thank goodness!! It's been a looonnnnggg week and I need a rest... and a lay in, lol. It's been a week full of sickness, headaches, stress and everything going wrong, so I'll be glad when the weekend is finally here!!

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not join in the blog hop which is hosted by Lakes single mum & share your reasons to be cheerful :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. So glad she is better. Bargain boots sound fab! I am with you on the weekend thing :-)

  2. It is so good to focus on the positives in a challenging week. Well done you. Love the idea of you treating yourself to those bargain boots - gives you a lift I find. Have an amazing week! @kateonthinice

  3. Glad your little one is feeling better, a definite reason to be cheerful. I feel like the whole month is dragging along, not just the week lol x


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